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Let Shereitta Myrick Consulting & Coaching Solutions. be your guide to success and transform your business! With years of experience in consulting and coaching, Shereitta's services provide the insight and the expertise you need to help you reach your goals. Her tailored approach will ensure you get the best guidance and advice for your unique situation. 


Unlock and realize your full potential with Shereitta Myrick Consulting & Coaching Solutions.! Let's work together to create a successful future for your business.



Shereitta Myrick Consulting & Coaching Solutions., is a comprehensive consulting agency dedicated to helping your business reach its goals. Offering a wide range of services including professional business advice, strategic planning, general consulting, data solutions, operational consulting services, training, and recruiting solutions to clients all over the world. Shereitta is the knowledgeable expert here to provide you with tailored strategies to help you reach your business goals and objectives while making the right decisions for your business.


Are you looking for a trusted small business leadership coach? Look no further than Shereitta Myrick Consulting & Coaching Solutions. The ultimate source for business coaching. 

Small Business Leadership. With a commitment to personal development and professional growth, Shereitta offers specialized coaching to help you unlock your potential and unlock success for your small business.


With Shereitta's specialized services, you'll find the clarity and guidance needed to achieve success in all facets of your business. Whether you need coaching to focus on your overall business strategy, or business coaching to help you implement a specific plan, premium coaching services designed to help you identify and reach your goals. Through 1-on-1 sessions, you can work with an experienced coach to develop the strategies, mindsets, and habits necessary for success. Shereitta will guide you on your journey to success.

Website Design & Maintenance

If you're looking for a website design and maintenance solution that allows your online presence to reach the next level, then look no further! Shereitta Myrick Consulting & Coaching solutions, provides the ultimate in professional website design and maintenance services, tailored to your needs. Let Shereitta help you make a lasting impression on the web today!

Business Plan/Proposal

Offering experienced business plan/proposal consultancy that provides unparalleled services to clients across the USA, comprehensive, personalized service to help you craft a thorough plan that meets your unique needs and objectives. With her comprehensive approach, you can have an effective and well-crafted plan tailored to your individual goals that will help drive your business towards success.. With years of expertise and dedication in the field, Shereitta is the perfect partner to help you achieve success with your business ideas and plans.

Starting a Podcast

premium podcasting service which offers personalized help to kickstart your podcast journey. With easy-to-use podcast platforms. Support you need to reach your goals. With Shereitta's expert advice and consultation, you'll be sure to get the most out of Starting your Podcast experience.


Shereitta helps customize your podcast content and distribute it across multiple platforms with ease. With SHEREITTA MYRICK CONSULTING & COACHING SOLUTIONS. ,it's easier than ever to get your voice heard.

Brand Building

Shereitta Myrick Consulting & Coaching Solutions is dedicated to helping you build a brand that stands out in the marketplace. Shereitta's comprehensive brand building services are tailored to suit your individual needs and will allow you to leverage the power of your brand to reach a wider audience. With her expertise and unique strategies, she's certain to make your business stand out!

Goal Setting to Success 

Are you looking to reach the next level of success in your life or career? Shereitta Myrick Consulting & Coaching Solutions. Offers goal setting services to help you reach the success you strive for. With her experience, she will guide you on your path to achieving your goals and help you make the changes necessary to get you to the next level of success.

Social Media Management 

Welcome to Shereitta Myrick Consulting & Coaching Solutions., your one-stop destination for social media management services. The Premier provider of social media management. Insight, and technical skills to help you unlock the power of social media and develop a powerful strategy to take your business to the next level. Shereitta is an experienced professional helping businesses of all sizes increase their online presence and manage their social media accounts with no hassle. Let Shereitta Myrick Consulting & Coaching Solutions maximize your reach and growth on social media today!

Virtual Assistance 

A premier provider of virtual assistance services. From administrative support and research to customer service and project management, Shereitta Myrick Consulting & Coaching Solutions offers a wide range of solutions tailored to any business' needs. With her specialized expertise and streamlined approach to operations, Shereitta is a valuable asset to any organization.

Social Media Page Monetization 

Whether you’re an influencer, a business, or just want to make money from your page, Shereitta Myrick Consulting & Coaching Solutions offers a variety of services ranging from account set up to full-service page monetization. Shereitta  has the expertise to help you make the most of your online presence.


Shereitta understands that social media can be a daunting task, and will be there to help you every step of the way. She will work with you to develop and execute a plan that is tailored to your needs and budget. So, if you’re looking to take your page to the next level, with innovative strategies and cutting-edge tools, you can unlock the potential of your content and tap into a lucrative new marketplace. Let Shereitta show you how easy it is to monetize your social media presence today.

Podcast Interview Booking 

SHEREITTA MYRICK CONSULTING & COACHING SOLUTIONS is the go-to podcast interview booking service. Specializing in connecting clients with the industry’s most influential podcast hosts and producers, we give you the opportunity to get your message heard and grow your brand visibility. Whether you’re looking to find the perfect host for your podcast or to book exciting interviews for you or your show, expertise and resources you need to achieve your podcasting goals.

Shereitta has extensive experience in the podcasting industry, helping you find the right guests and interviews to make your podcast a success.

Leadership /Team-building

Shereitta Myrick Consulting & Coaching Solutions provides comprehensive leadership and team-building services to help you build strong and effective teams. With decades of experience developing and delivering customized programs, Shereitta can help you achieve your goal of creating a happy, cohesive and productive team.

“Shereitta is phenomenal! She will consult with you to access the needs of your business and setup your website to cater to those needs. She is very professional, knowledgeable and great at what she does as a creator. This is a 5-star business all the way around. You will certainly not regret booking her.”

Shanda Bradford

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