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Real Talk With Shereitta Podcast

Topics covered in the Real Talk With Shereitta podcast include personal growth, entrepreneurship, overcoming traumas and dislocations, life makeovers, and business as a means of achieving happiness in life. We try to deliver hard-hitting stories with cameos from real, raw folks who are new and heavy in the game. Sharing tips, knowledge, and resources to help you wherever you are That will allow you to remove any limitations keeping you from moving forward in life. your life and career.

Riddikulus Patronus

Great show!

"Really enjoyed the topics on this show! Great content and detailed. Helps you grow and be a student of life. Challenges people to be detailed oriented and explore. Great show looking forward to more!"


Want to be a GUEST on Real Talk With Shereitta?

Briefly introduce yourself and share something interesting about you. Real Talk with Shereitta is a podcast with over 100+ monthly applicants ( with limited interview slots ). The show was created to provide a space to empower, inspire, teach, motivate, share tips, tools and resources with each other.

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